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Regimes and Transformations (Hungary in the Twentieth Century)

Regimes and Transformations (Hungary in the Twentieth Century)
Regimes and Transformations (Hungary in the Twentieth Century) - adatlap
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Hungary occupies a distinguished position in universal twentieth-century political history with its no less than eight changes of regime. In little more than seven decades revolutions, counter-revolutions, occupations, and new changes of regime followed each other. Interpretation of the events changed frequently, often to the liking of the victors, in works of history commissioned by the political power.

After 1990 Hungarian historical scholarship also underwent a renewal. The archives opened up, and with that a newly found freedom of scientific research set in. The aura of political commissions prevailed for a while, scholarly endeavours, however, broke away from the interference of politics. It was under such circumstances that the Institute of Political History was founded with the intention of focusing on, tackling and comprehending the complexities of twentieth-century Hungarian history. In the past fifteen years the researchers of the Institute have carried out several successful research projects. The focal point of their work has been contemporary history, approached from new points of view. We are determined to analyse political and social historical aspects in unison, as well as connect micro history into the unveiling of the processes of the period viewed also from macro historical perspectives. As a new field of research, we are examining the history of elections, electoral behaviour and political media. We also began to explore the post-1945 Hungarian history from a new perspective.

The present publication provides an overview of our work accomplished in the Institute during the last decade and a half.


Educating and the Inspiring of Hatred
Imre Nagy and Patriotic Popular Front
Lajos Kassák and the Hungarian Left Radical Milieu (1926-1934)
Media and Politics in Hungary between the World Wars
Party Leadership and Parliamentary Elections, 1949-1988
Politics and Political History in Hungary. A Historialgraphical Outline
Power Tools for "Correcting" the Will of the Voters. The Principles and Practice of the Municipality Election System in Budapest during the Horthy Era (1920-1944)
Social Democracy and Economic Policy in Hungary, 1990-2005
Social Democracy and the Nationalities Question
Suffrage, Parliamentarism, and Social Democracy
The Characteristics of the Kádár Era
The Ethnic Politics of Hungary in the Light of Legislation (1919-1993)
The Hungarian Socialist Workers' Party: Towards the Multiparty System (June 1987-February 1989)
The International Relationships of the Hungarian Social Democratic Party
The Memory of the State Award in the Narratives of Women Workers
Tracking Down the 'Girl from Pest' on an Emblematic Photo of the revolution of 1956
Voters and Suffrage in Hungary (1920-1947)

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